Jakarta Garden City

Welcome to the Master Plan of Jakarta Garden City. Please click one of the location on the map to see more info.


Another commercial area presented by Jakarta Garden City is Avenue. In contrast to other office houses, Avenue has retail and office space with an efficient layout to meet every business need. Avenue office house consists of 3 floors measuring 5 x 17.5 square meters.


Home is part of your personality. Investing in d’Banyan Residences gives you the freedom to build your dream home that you always want in the beautiful environmental community of Jakarta Garden City.

Cleon Park

The latest commercial area in Jakarta Garden City is Cleon Park shophouse. Launched in late August 2017, Cleon Park Shophouse is the first business space located within the mixed use area. In the future, two towers apartment building will be built within the vast area of Cleon Park.

Palm Spring

After successfully launching d’Banyan with about 80 percent of the units already sold, Jakarta Garden City launches another cluster, Palm Spring Residences. Carrying the green concept of Jakarta Garden City, Palm Spring Residence are located in a main area close to the Boulevard and various facilities, including Clubhouse, AEON Mall. and modern market.


Mississippi cluster presents ready-to-live housing units which not needed renovation. Each housing unit was built in two floors, complete with 2 carports plus carport canopy as well as bedroom and housemaid’s bathroom. In this cluster, Jakarta Garden City provides 200 housing units with Art Deco concept.


Presented in River Garden area, the Thames cluster has 555 units, of which 518 are housing units and 37 are in the form of lots. The cluster is divided into two sub clusters, namely South Cluster covering an area of 6.6 hectares, and North Cluster which was built on an area of 4.9 hectares. Meanwhile, the remaining 37 lots are located in the corner with an area ranging from 180 to 300 square meters.


Inspired by the infamous river that flows through downtown Melbourne, Australia, the Yarra cluster has a minimalist and modern home concept with beautiful gardens that characterize Jakarta Garden City housing complex.

La Seine

La’Seine cluster which covers an area of 9.2 hectares is inspired by the infamous river in France, La Seine.

The Savoy

The Savoy is a mixed use home area in River Garden. The 2 in 1 residential is the only home and business space in River Garden area. Unlike the shophouse, the upstairs floor of The Savoy has been designed as a residence with 2 or 3 bedrooms as well as several other rooms suitable for residential functions.

The Boulevard

The Boulevard became the last shophouse to be released in Jakarta Garden City Boulevard area with a land area of one hectare.


Shinano cluster which covers an area of 10.8 hectares is the fifth cluster developed in River Garden area. Shinano name is taken from the name of the longest river in Honsu Island, Japan. The beauty of the river in East Asia is what inspired Jakarta Garden City in designing Shinano cluster.